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The purpose of our blog is to share information with our clients and website visitors alike. We will expand our stain cleaning tips, cleaning methods, "how to's" and so on, mixed with some anecdotes and observations.

All readers are welcome to post comments, ask questions, give us their cleanings tips and so on.

Rogue Domestic Cleaners

FREE Report: “Avoid Rogue Domestic Cleaners”

FREE Report: “Avoid Rogue Domestic Cleaners”
Dont be fooled by cheap rates, know which questions to ask and get the best value service to avoid being under-insured and staff with unknown [Read More......]

Cleaning Service News

Cleaner Homes, Kinder People

In the trials, a citrus scent was used to create a fresh smell, whilst another room was left "normal". The results were quite remarkable; both groups [Read More......]

General News

Expert Cleaning on the Radio!

Expert Cleaning on the Radio!

This week we were invited onto Radio Lancashire,  our reputation has spread further than we thought! A phone call came in to the office during the [Read More......]

Social Networking

We have now installed to wonderful technology that posts our blog straight to both our Twitter account and onto our Facebook page! We need everyones [Read More......]

Is The Price Per Hour Important?

" how much an hour do you charge?". Of course that would seem the most logical but then did you stop to think about what it is your buying? Have you [Read More......]

House Cleaning Tips

Wood Flooring, Care and Cleaning

Tips For Wood Flooring Care and Cleaning Wood flooring, especially hardwood can last up to 100 years. Its longevity will depend on the quality of the wood and more importantly on the way in which it was cared for. Caring for wood flooring is divided between preventative [Read More......]


Trading Standards Approved Domestic Cleaners

Trading Standards Approved Domestic Cleaners

All Businesses approved under this scheme have a responsibility to trade fairly and provide good quality customer service. Here at HomeMaid we have always offered guaranteed cleaning services, believing that our operating methods and quality control measures give a high [Read More......]

Cleaning With Beer!

Domestic Service Updates

Anti-Bacterial Spray Upgrade

You maybe shocked to learn that your kitchen is far "dirtier" than your bathroom! Well at least from a bacteria perspective that is. A recent TV Programme (Invisible Worlds) found that a kitchen counter has TWICE as many bacteria than a toilet seat! Even more astonishing is that the kitchen floor has THREE times as many bacteria than the aforementioned toilet seat. [Read More......]

Allergies & Allergens at Home

Bed Bug Epidemic

Experts have known about the bugs for years in fact since the banning of DDT based pest control products in 1972, it is thought the bugs have steadily been increasing. [Read More......]

Asthma, Rhinitis, Eczema & Your Bed

If you suffer from asthma, eczema, atopic rhinitis or like me "hay fever" (it wasn't but I'll explain later) then what you share your bed with should be of concern. Why? let me explain. [Read More......]

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